Best Tips To Increase Your Battery Life

Best Tips To Increase Your Battery Life

Hey guys, there are lots of peoples who have a longer mobile battery capacity but battery backup is not that so good. In this situation user can't get that experience with their phone. In this article am sharing with you some important tips to boost your battery backup.
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1. Use Original Charger

There are so many duplicate chargers available in the market which looks like the original one. In this situation so many people confused about which one is original and which one is duplicate. When you buy a smartphone you'll get a original charger with it which charger ratings are done as per the phone's processor. If I say in simple words, always use a original charger instead of duplicate one. If you have not original charger buy another one with same input and output ratings.

2. Minimal Brightness

Now a days all the smartphone comes with brighter than brighter display. When you use full Brightness power consumption also increases. When your smartphone is not in use minimal the brightness. Now a days all smartphone comes with auto brightness sensor which is very good for us. If your phone has got this feature turn it on.

3. Wallpapers

One of the major reason to drain the battery charge is wallpapers which you using. So many live wallpapers comes with your smartphone with pre installed in it. And some of the wallpapers are so brighter which causes to drain battery. Always use simple and minimal colour wallpapers to save your battery.  And avoid using the live wallpapers.

4. Wireless Services

Smartphones are comes with multiple wireless services. Yes, you are right. I'm taking about WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Turn Off the wireless services when they are not in uses. When WiFi is on it keeps searching available networks which drains battery. And same in Bluetooth also. Check for your GPS whether it is on or off.

5. Manage Your Apps

Using lots of unnecessary apps does not make sense. Only keep apps on your smartphone which you require frequently. Keeping too many apps can slow down your phone and reduce battery life.

Apart from these, you can also follow these tips : turn off animation, disable background data, and much more.

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