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Youtube SEO | Tech Vaar

Nowadays YouTube is such a community which brings everyone to a single platform to share their thoughts, ideas, creativity and educational contents to the whole world. So many peoples are creating their own channel on YouTube to share their thoughts, ideas, creativity and educational contents. Creating a youtube channel is not difficult but growing that channel from initial stage is very difficult. Because when you start a YouTube channel nobody knows about your channel and your content. In such case YouTube SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is take important thumbe role.

But lots of people are confused about youtube seo and they don't know how to do YouTube SEO. Well, in this article im gonna share with you about five to ten tips to improve your YouTube SEO. So let's get started..


When we started a new channel, we make a common mistake that is we always look at others videos and their views which is our big mistake ever. If their videos has lots of views directly we copy that title and start making video on same topic with same information. If you doing this mistake, avoid it immediately. When you make videos on same topic which already done lots of Videos on YouTube on same topics. You can't get views on that videos and can't get subscriber also. Before making a video for your YouTube channel research trending topics

Benefits of Trending Topics are,

  • You'll get more views on that video
  • You'll get more subscribers
  • You'll complete all the required conditions to apply AdSense Request
  • You'll get a good subscriber base
  • You'll get an average views on your future videos


Keywords | Youtube SEO | Tech Vaar

Yes! You heard right. Keywords research is very important part of the any video to get viral. Before making videos take sometime to research keywords which are trending keywords and which are searchable keywords. From keywords research you'll learn lots of things about keywords may improve your knowledge about keywords and it will help you in future if you want to start blogger or something. Keep Searching Keywords.


The title of any video is very important. if im talk about youtube you'll get 100 characters for writing a title. Here Important thing is to write your title, always use your main keywords in title more than two times if possible. For example, what's youtube seo, benefits of youtube seo and how to do youtube seo. Always remember to use your main keywords two to three times in title.


After the title, description of video is very important as title. Yes, in description, starting three to four lines you must write about your video again which includes your main keywords maximum times as possible. You may also write some tags in your description regarding your video. i.e. YouTube SEO, How to do youtube seo, benefits of youtube seo.


If you want to viral your video and get ranked, tags are very important. so many people are ignore this one but you must write tags to your video regarding the topic of your video. And you may also use hash tag (#).

Apart from these tips you should also follow the following. i.e.


Make always simple and clean thumbnail for your videos which attracts the viewers. Use two to three words on your thumbnail and don't write unnecessary lines on it.

7. Improve your Video and Audio Quality
8. Improve Presentation
9. Improve Editing
10. Sharing on Social Media
11. Maintain Consistency


YOUTUBE SEO is simple tool to make your videos viral and get views and subscribers. Before making a Videos you must take care of above mentioned tips. Apart from that after editing videos and thumbnail you should rename them as your video title. YouTube SEO.


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